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oh, relocation
iliveinidiocy wrote in wva
Fortunately or perhaps unfortunately for me, I'm relocating to the Charleston area. I've spent a sparse amount of time there for the last few months as initial feelers but haven't ventured very far outside of the three blocks surrounding the hotel. In any case, I need some advice. For the first two to three months I'll be living in a hotel and there after I'll be looking for a small flat. I'd prefer to live in the downtown area, as I'm working down there and currently do not commute via a car (I loath dealing with traffic, so a bikeable/walkable commute is far superior for me).
That said, what are some hip spots in that area to rent from? lofts and studio apartments are prefered but not a requirement.
Also, anyone care to list some dive bars? I found one or two that I liked but am open to more suggestions, especially if they are downtown.

And finally, something to do in the huge city of Charleston? I like a lot of expirimental/noise music and prefer to dive into that scene when present.

Thanks for your time!

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What do you define as culture? There are various art galleries downtown plus the Clay center, and Tamarack is nearby. The larger music scene in the city is more jazz and blues oriented, or it was in any case. Taylor Books has live music every Friday and Saturday night that at least used to never include rock or metal, and Mountain Stage at the Cultural Center features a huge variety of acts with numerous genres in each three hour show.

For clerical job advertising I would assume the newspaper would be best. I never think of Craigslist in terms of employment but a lot of other people seem to. I used to manage Taylor Books with my sister until I because disabled though so I never really did any job hunting (started doing that right after high school) in this area.

Since I have been disabled and somewhat housebound for the recent past I'm not the most up to date source of information but I figured anything might help.

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