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Anyone want this community?
us 2011
hanue wrote in wva
I'm not active on LJ anymore. Is anyone interested in taking over this community? Comment if you'd like to have it.

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This community is about as active as the rest of LJ. LJ's dying a miserable death.

Jamie, I've discussed it with reallyamermaid and she said she'd be willing to co-moderate with me. She'll have to join of course, but you can pass the moderatorship to me, and I'll add her when she joins.

Thanks for the opportunity, rather than letting it just go silent.

Awesome thanks!! I have added you both as maintainers. I'm still on as a maintainer but once you have confirmed you can get into it and change settings etc. you can remove me as a maintainer. The email set up for the community is an old, no longer valid email for me. I didn't change it, so you can add your email there.

I recently changed it so you had to ask for membership only because there was some Russian spam on there and I didn't look at it often enough to keep it free of spam. You of course can change it back to open membership or do whatever you like :)

Thanks again and enjoy!

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