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New Mods here
reallyamermaid wrote in wva
Howdy, folks!

My friend sapphirescarlet and I noticed that this community seemed a little neglected. This made us sad, as we are proud West Virginians. We think that this should be a space that encourages sharing news and events about our beautiful state. We'd like for you to tell us what's going on. Share your news! As for me, I recently took a zipline canopy tour of the New River Gorge. It was fantastic.

Next up, I plan to walk across the famed bridge - on the catwalk! Even if your plans aren't so ambitious, we want to hear your stories. What's going on in WV? What's your life like? This community is officially back in business! Invite your friends. We want stories!

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Yay Courtney! My day went to hell when I got home, didn't get to post. Will do so today!!

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